Parnie Harger

How long have you practiced Yoga? How often per week?  I have practiced yoga inconsistently for many years, but never stuck with it long-term. This summer, I started an exchange with a yoga studio and am attending classes 1-3 times a week in an effort to commit to a continuing personal practice and progress as a beginner.

What made you decide to practice Yoga? I have never been a competitive athlete or enthusiastic about sports. After health issues interrupted my normal fitness habits for several years, I found getting back into a routine quite intimidating and uninspired. Nothing quite motivated me to get back on track, but my mind and body increasingly told me that I needed to do so. As life and adulthood gets busier and more stressful, I am drawn to yoga mainly by the non-judgmental atmosphere in which I can work to challenge myself physically. I also appreciate the chance for fulfillment that yoga provides at this juncture in my life through restoration, stillness, and mind-body awareness

What do you like about practicing Yoga at National Harbor?  Having just visited for the weekend (and on my 31st birthday!), it was lovely to be outdoors in a new yoga environment and start off the morning with purposeful reflection and movement as I began the next year of my life. 

What is your favorite Yoga pose and why is it your favorite?  There is something about reclining goddess pose that is just the pinnacle of full physical, mental, and emotional centering for me in my restorative practice. The thigh stretch and hip-opening feels perfect every time. 

Describe how Yoga has enhanced or changed your life. Every time I successfully complete a yoga class, I walk away feeling stronger in body and mind. Though it is challenging for me physically, it is quickly shaping my idea of the kind of person I want to be and how I want to live my life. 


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