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Looking back now, it seems completely natural for Yoga to have come into my life in the late 90s!  I had been a dedicated exerciser since the age of 14 and thought of Yoga as a “complete waste of time”.   What could a bunch of stretching and meditating possibly do for my physical body?  Boy, was I ever wrong, it changed my life!

Gary Zukav’s book, The Seat of the Soul, and Avon were my nexus!   While reading The Seat of the Soul, I realized keeping an open mind was something I needed to experiment with and an instructional video by Yoga Zone, offered through Avon at the time, delivered the first lesson.   It wasn’t the asanas (postures) that got my attention but Savasana (Corpse Pose) – it blew my mind!  From that moment on, I developed a passion for Yoga that is still with me today.

Like most people, I looked for something outside of myself to help me relax; it never occurred to me to lie still and find relaxation from within. In addition to the wonderful relaxed feeling I experienced; I gained physical strength and flexibility from the practice – way more than from all the other types of exercises I had been doing up to that point.   After practicing for about a year, strangers and friends alike commented on how calm and relaxed I was.  This is when I knew that the more subtle affects of Yoga were taking place.  I was developing the connection of mind, body, and breath through regular practice as well as present moment awareness.

Without a doubt, teaching Yoga is a gift I am compelled to share with my fellow men and women.  From the very beginning, this journey evolved effortlessly, from finding the money for my teaching certification to coming up with limitless ideas for my classes, where no two classes are the same. Every time I teach a class, that same simple intention to “just show them how Yoga can make them feel” is in place fueling the creative content of each and every class.

I received my 200 hour certification from the Columbia Yoga Center, Columbia, MD.  My approach to teaching is “user friendly and hands on” which allows for both, the very beginner and the more advanced student, to be challenged.  My classes flow with attention on full deep breathing, creating the connection of breath to movement, while still emphasizing proper alignment.

For me, Yoga is not just a practice, but a lifestyle.  Yoga means to “unite” or “create balance”.  Practicing Yoga every day provides me with the tools to create balance in my everyday life.  When my body and mind are balanced, optimal health and creativity flow into this amazing life I’m living!

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  1. Cathy I’m so happy that we cross paths your yoga teachings are simply the BEST!!!!!

  2. Your yoga instruction has truly changed my life! People often ask me, how I do it all and find balance. It is through my yoga practice and meditation that I feel “connected” and centered. My pranayama practice follows me throughout the day….at meetings and even in my office. My desire is for everyone to find their center and be their authentic self. Thanks for sharing your story and for your encouragement.
    Linda Blake

  3. Cathy is an incredible yoga instructor. Her knowledge is without bounds. She constantly amazes me and definitely teaches me something new with every class I take. I have been taking classes with Cathy for 3 years, once or twice a week, and I feel I have not even scratched the surface of her extensive knowledge and “gifts”. I would recommend her classes to anyone, beginning and expert, she can relate information to both very well.

  4. Cathy, it is a testament that you have been gifted to teach classes at the National Harbor with all of its distractions: our gazing audience, noise, restaurant food scents in our breathing space; and yet (I) am able to concentrate, center, focus on and benefit from your workouts. Also, your class welcomes diverse ages, sizes, ethnicities. Look forward to more “movements” with you. Rock star…thank you again!!

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