2916 Festival Way Waldorf, MD http://lafitness.com

Wednesday:                                      9:45am Journey Flow 

Friday:                                                9:45am Journey Flow 

Sunday:                                              9:45am All Levels Vinyasa 


Zentral Station Yoga Studio 

113 Howard Street, #201,  La Plata MD zentralstation.net

7am Zen Slow Flow 
12noon All Levels Vinyasa 

7am Yin Yoga
8:30am Journey Flow 
12noon Mindful Vinyasa 

10am All Levels Vinyasa

9am Journey Flow
10:30am Mindful Vinyasa 
12noon  Zen Slow Flow 

Sunday:                                              12noon  Journey Flow 




15814-B Crain Hwy, Brandywine, MD  bybfitnessmd.com

Sunday 8am All Levels Vinyasa 

8 Comments on “Classes 

  1. … what a class today, thank you! Though, my upper back and shoulders aren’t too happy with the constraints you put on them earlier, chest up, chin down, belly in – walking like a model right now!

    Seriously, your hands-on and individual attention make all the difference in the world! Let’s hope I can remember it all (at least for today)!

  2. I’m so excited about your Summer classes! THANK YOU!

  3. Great class on the “lawn” at the Harbor. I had some pain and tightness in my upper back before class, but it was all gone by the end of class. A very peaceful, relaxing experience, despite the challenging positions. I also felt taller, like their was no compression in my lower spine. I just felt great after class and will definitely return. Cathy is an excellent instructor, but it is hard to hear her amidst the din in the plaza, so get a place up front to see and hear.

  4. I had the pleasure of attending classes at the MGM last summer and thoroughly enjoyed them. I’ve had a few back procedures since that time and am slowly getting back into yoga. I’ve lost some flexibility; however, I’m confident that with regular practice, I will regain that flexibility. I look forward to Saturday mornings this summer season. Thank you, and Namaste!

    • Hey Sharon! I’m hoping or be able to offer the classes again this summer if the MGM will have me. As soon as I know, I’ll be posting on my website. Thanks for your support!

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