Lauren Dwyer

How long have you practiced yoga? How often per week? I started practicing Yoga in 2010. It started out in the gym as a way to switch up my work out. I soon realized that Yoga was more than a physical practice. Before long, I was practicing 3-4 times per week.


What made you decide to practice Yoga? I was looking for muscle confusion and had no idea it would be life-changing!


What do you like about practicing Yoga at National Harbor? I like practicing at National Harbor because it’s beautiful for one thing. There are also lots of new and interesting people. The sunsets can be amazing! While some people find the extra noise a challenge, I have learned to incorporate it into the meditation practice. The sounds are the sounds of life – people, interaction, crying babies, nature, capitalism, etc., all at once! I have learned to treat it as the background music of life and now I love it.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why is it your favorite? Wild Thing is my favorite pose. I love it because it is a full body stretch and still strength-based. I think it is feminine and beautiful while still powerful in appearance.

Describe how Yoga has enhanced or changed your life: It may sound extreme, but Yoga has made me a better person. In addition to feeling healthier, stronger, and with better physical balance, my mind is also more balanced. My mind, breath and body are connected. I can control my own stress levels and better manage how outside influences impact me. I am more likely to think before reacting and it helps me to be kind and patient with those around me. Practicing Yoga lets me interact with the world in a better way!



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