Nora Maritza Velasquez

How long have you practiced Yoga? How often per week? I have been practicing Yoga consistently one day per week at the National Harbor for 7 weeks. I have tried yoga a few times last year, but never stuck with it.


What made you decide to practice Yoga? Last summer my Aunt Thelma, who is in her 60’s, invited me to visit her at the beach. I saw my aunt practicing the Eagle and the Warrior III Yoga poses by the ocean and I thought, “I want to be fit and flexible like my Aunt Thelma.” My aunt told me that she was in her 50’s when she started practicing Yoga. Also; my best friend Cesar, who is very flexible, enjoys Yoga. I would say both my Aunt Thelma and Cesar encouraged me to take Yoga classes.


What do you like about practicing Yoga at Fort Washington Park? The classes are outdoors, free of charge, and Cathy Valentine is a great teacher.

What is your favorite Yoga pose and why is it your favorite? Shavasana (death pose) is my favorite pose because of the deep relaxation I feel during and after this pose. It is like a mini vacation; I feel rejuvenated every time I practice this pose.

Describe how Yoga has enhanced or changed your life? At the age of 53 Yoga has given me the confidence to try new physical activities such as Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Pole dancing.

Photos by Greg- The Forever Yogi


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