Wonderful people, great Yoga, perfect weather, beautiful venue, delicious BBQ spread, colorful pictures – all in one afternoon! It was a first – food and fun as the pinnacle – this Mid-Summer Yoga Picnic and BBQ gathering! It was short, but so very sweet!

We enjoyed practicing yoga on the beautifully manicured grounds of Herrington on the Bay located on the banks of the Chesapeake. We began by cultivating the sun (Surya) energy within the seven chakras (energy centers) and then cooling them down with relaxing postures invoking the moon energy (Chandra).

With great anticipation, under the covered Herrington Pavilion overlooking the beach, we enjoyed a freshly prepared and well-deserved BBQ, complete with all the fixings and sides. A perfect way to spend a summer afternoon with fellow yogis!

In celebration of summer, the color theme for this retreat was neon; it made for colorful pictures! Take a look…



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