We had our biggest turn out yet at the park for yoga! Only two more Monday sessions left… hope to see you! 

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7 Comments on “Still Going Strong into the Down Dog Days of Summer

  1. … sure will miss those Monday nights at the Park – that beautiful sky and those great sunsets! Oh, yeah, it’s Yoga at the Park, let me not forget about the Yoga!!!

    Thank you, Cathy!

  2. Every week after Cathy post the pics I try to choose a favorite .
    This week i’m having a very diificult time choosing one and I need some help !
    Can someone let me know which of the ones Cathy posted last night that they liked the most..i’ve narrowed my list to about 8..Cathy is in a couple ,
    Angela is in a couple, Val is in one and Terri is in a couple!
    Someone help me PLEASE ! I’m gonna miss these Monday nights
    also Cathy ! 🙁

    • I have two favorite…Val in a very nice downdog with the sky in front of her and Carleen looks so cute and petite in the corner of that pic doing boat pose. For as tough as that pose is, I like the relaxed expresion on her face.

      • I can’t disagree,totally forgot about Carleen !
        Oh well I give up until tomorrow….

    • … sorry, sometimes I’m a little slow! Just now figured out how to respond to your question, Greg! See note below!

  3. The sky in my down dog pic is definitely prettier than my butt! My personal vote goes for Shirley & Bill in their Tadasana. They both look like they’re the only ones on the hill top, totally into it! Are they as attentive in church???

    How can anybody choose from so many photogenic subjects – great pictures all around!

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