FREE Yoga at Fort Washington Park
June 7, 2018

Check out this Meetup with Summer Yoga with Cathy Valentine


November 1, 2012

Much to my surprise, my fellow yogis attending the free Monday night Yoga sessions at Fort Washington Park, turned the tables on me when they presented me with a monetary gift to show their appreciation! I intended to do those Yoga sessions to show my appreciation and somewhat “repay” all those who have been faithfully attending my classes and coming to my retreats. A heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you!

Those intentions, however, also included a little selfishness on my part! I love doing yoga outside and I wanted to share that experience with my students. As the weeks went by, I witnessed steady attendance and realized they also enjoyed the outside practice. More amazing than that- we all shared a love for the same thing…YOGA!

It is still a mystery how, over time, a purely physical practice of postures has turned into such a deep, heart-centered practice that has influenced every part of my life. I still can’t explain the transition but know that matters of the heart cannot always be explained. Even more amazing is that I was able to spend those Yoga at the Park sessions with others who are experiencing that same transformation.

When I take a look at the pictures of one of the sessions we did at the Park focusing on the air element and heart center, I see, without a doubt, a heart transformation taking place by simply looking at the expressions on all the faces….AMAZING! See for yourself …

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Still Going Strong into the Down Dog Days of Summer
August 17, 2012

We had our biggest turn out yet at the park for yoga! Only two more Monday sessions left… hope to see you!¬†

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