This is a picture of Greg, our “Forever Yogi” and our “Whenever, Wherever Photographer”! Take a look at these amazing pictures in the slide show below to recognize his talent for “taking the perfect shot of an opportunity when it presents itself”. Over the past year, Greg has taken many great photographs of us Yogis at various times and venues and many of them are featured on the website.

Volunteering his time and skipping poses to capture the perfect shot is just one of Greg’s attributes! He is just one of the many amazing people I have the honor of being around on a regular basis. If you meet Greg, you know right away that he is an all around “good guy”, always willing to help and to be part of the action.

Greg has been attending my classes for as long as I can remember. As his teacher, I am so proud of his dedication to and progress in his practice, watching his body respond. It doesn’t happen often that men like Greg, with a muscular physique, take my classes and stick with it!

Thank you, Greg, keep looking for that perfect moment; we certainly enjoy looking at the perfect picture!

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2 Comments on “Recognizing the FOREVER YOGI

  1. Thanks Greg for always capturing these beautiful moments!

  2. Thank you Cathy and all of my fellow yogi for allowing me to capture these moments..I developed a passion for photography about two years ago.and
    In that time I’ve studied a great deal on the subject..I’m always looking
    for things to photograph and these Monday classes in the park have really
    been a joy !
    Watching you and my fellow classmates perform the perfect pose is
    really a thing of beauty..Feet planted firmly, backs straight flowing gracefully from pose to pose . So many different poses to yet capture !
    The first time I stepped into your class I had no idea what to expect.
    I was never the most flexible person in the world but was in decent shape. I could do pull-ups, dips, plank and various other body weight
    exercises with ease but nothing prepared my tight shoulder for the
    downward dog. I don’t think I could hold it for 20 seconds while
    the woman were holding it with ease! Thank you for helping me
    progress along the way ! Yoga is embedded in my DNA now.I’m
    never giving it up and truly am a “Forever Yogi”.

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