Tish Murphy

How long have you practiced yoga? How often per week? I began my practice in 1974 as an instructor came into the workplace (quite progressive looking back) to teach a lunchtime Yoga class. I was so jazzed about it, I would follow the instructor to other classes in the evening. This is the third time that I have become active in my practice (in a good week 4-5 sessions)


What made you decide to practice Yoga? In the beginning, I loved my improved posture and the deeper breathing pattern that comes with doing Yoga. I have used my practice as therapy for physical discomfort and mental confusion–Restorative Yoga provided quicker strengthening and flexibility than my PT did after breaking an arm that was diagnosed as needing a titanium plate and pins (!!!)
I avoided that procedure and it will remain a lifetime practice for me this time.

What do you like about practicing Yoga at Fort Washington Park? I LOVE all outdoor yoga and yoga practiced in beautiful settings. Ft. Washington Park is one of the best locations. Feeling one with the ever changing cloud formations, the closeness to the water, the sun exchanging its warmth for the cool calm moon and the slight breeze that is a constant ~ a balancing space ~ yin and yang, all the directions and elements are found at Ft. Washington Park.


What is your favorite yoga pose and why is it your favorite? My newest favorite is Triangle Pose. Opening to new opportunities is part of my current consciousness and staying open to all ways that may take form is a challenge for me. Opening my body and looking skyward is a challenge as I don’t see exactly where I am and need to trust that all is well.

Describe how Yoga has enhanced or changed your life: I have more compassion for myself and others. My goal remains to inform and inspire and that may take me to certification in yoga at some point. The more I practice the greater my perception as to what my body’s purpose is and what our minds are capable of manifesting in maintaining our health. Establishing a Yoga practice has changed my world and so it benefits all that I come in contact with.




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