Greg and I were at it again! Team photographer Greg had another idea, the idea to take pictures around the huge Christmas tree at National Harbor.

As we walked around scouting out good backdrops for pictures, ideas started coming to both of us – a row of columns, a string of garland, the tree, and reason for going! We could visualize the pictures before taking them!

Whether the magic of Christmas or the magic of Yoga, photography (like Yoga and Christmas), is a powerful tool to create magic moments out of ordinary surrounding! I realized once again the powerful effect of yoga, a free flow of creativity! It is not the actual practice of the physical postures that brings about this creativity, but the more subtle effects of yoga like practicing present moment awareness and releasing limited thought patterns. Amazing! The possibilities for all of us are unlimited!

I hope you will agree when I say that Greg’s incredible talent and seasoned eye for photography created magic! Enjoy, and Happy Holidays…
















  1. Kathy,
    The pictures are stunning. You always exhibit such grace and oneness with your surroundings. I really admire your technique. I miss yoga. That is going to be one of my Christmas presents to myself is to start yoga classes again. Thank you for your inspiration. Happy holidays to you and yours. Warmest regards, Robbin

  2. Cathy, the holiday pictures are beautiful. The white and red are “rockin”. Maybe, for the next yoga retreat we should consider wearing white as the overall primary color i.e. as visualized in your 12/2013 holiday pics with a second color chosen by you for all of the participants or have the participants choose their own secondary color for the retreat. The secondary color would be featured in a clothing accessory i.e. a scarf, jewelry, wrap, belt etc….

    thoughts from an inspired Yogi…Kaleo

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