One of our own, Laura, is currently experiencing a health crisis. Her Yoga Kula (Yoga family) – twelve of her fellow classmates – rallied around Laura to cheer her up during this challenging time.

With very little planning and organizing, the group came together to meet Laura at a local restaurant! She was so surprised and touched that so many of her classmates cared to share their time and be of support. Repeatedly she commented how nice the evening was and how much she felt the love.

Unfortunatly, the meds Laura is taking have drained her of her energy. Even though the weakness in her body has not allowed her to attend class, her spirit remains strong. She is determined to keep working to get out of the house and to be among people. That sounds so like Laura!

The outing with Laura was so nice. The laughter and camaraderie was not only the best medicine for her but also for us! It’s our inner purpose in our lifetime to be of service to others in time of need, to remember the value of this life we are given to live, and to enjoy every moment!

Ever ready with his camera, team photographer Greg, was only too willing to capture the moments of that evening.

If you know Laura, leave a comment…she could use a few words of encouragement.













4 Comments on “WHAT A YOGA KULA WE MAKE!

  1. Laura, wish I could have been there for your get-together! Judging by the pictures, all of you had fun! It looks like this is just what the doctor ordered for you: caring friends, good food, and lots of laughter!

    I was certainly saddened to hear the news of you not being well. I wish you strength and courage to see this through, know that you’re thought about often! BIG hug, much love, XXXOOO

  2. What beautiful photos. Laura, I sure missed being there and it looked like such a good time. I see you getting stronger soon. Remember, if you are breathing, you are doing yoga. Love, Diane

  3. I wanted to share a story to encourage you Laura. “Outside a heavy monsoon rain fell while the conference crowd inside were being entertained by a small band of blind musicians. Suddenly a loud crash of thunder hit and in an instant the lights went out. Unfazed, the musicians hardly skipped a beat, even though it was pitch-black. When their song was over, the audience burst into thunderous applause—the darkness gave them all a unique and amazing appreciation for the extraordinary talent God had given these blind musicians”. The same is true when there’s no light for your path and you follow him through dark times. I share this story to say, we so appreciate the special lady you are with all your gifts and talents and to keep playing the music, friend. It may be dark out, but keep playing by heart what you know from years of practice. Along with God, we’re here to support and applaud you. You inspire us with your grace and perseverance — it speaks volumes. You are using your suffering as a place where people see your hope and faith. So glad our paths cross! Love, Carleen

  4. Sorry I had to work and missed the dinner. Looks like it was a beautiful evening full of friendship and support. Think of you often and am sending healing wishes and prayers your way. Love, Terri

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