I came to the decision years ago that I was no longer interested  in “practicing ” Yoga…I was more interested in “being” Yoga. This transformation from “practicing to being ” allows me to take what I learn from my daily “practice” on the mat into my moment by moment living.  As a teacher, I’m just giving suggestions to my students while they practice, I’m not addressing  individual needs for that day…only the individual can do that. It’s not until you listen to that inner self directing  that you actually “are”  Yoga…up to that point,  you are just practicing.  My mantra for my students: DAILY HOME PRACTICE, DAILY HOME PRACTICE, DAILY HOME PRACTICE….

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  1. Yes, yoga every day. Yoga allows us to be ready for life; strong and flexible. Yoga heals; physically and emotionally by bringing breath into all areas of our body. I think of my daily yoga practice as the tide to the estuary. It brings in freshness and releases all things stale.

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