I learned a very important lesson about expectation from the HOB retreat. Because I was so excited and hyped up about the retreat, my expectations were too high and when you are that high, even though it’s a good high, you are still out of balance. As a result, disappointment hit me due to the weather and my own feeling that I wasn’t at my best teaching wise.

It’s like two sides of the same coin. What goes up must come down…we live in a world of opposites. Made me realize that my daily yoga practice keeps bringing me back to that neutral state again and again and only in that neutral state can creativity and effortless flow happen! Now that I’ve learned my lesson, I’m content. Especially after seeing all the smiling faces in the pictures!

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  1. Cathy, the retreat was wonderful. We had no idea you were stressed out. Everything was PERFECT! Thanks for all your efforts. Diane

  2. Testimonial

    After retirement, a daily trip into DC to take a Yoga class created more stress than the Yoga could undo. So, VERY reluctantly, in the Spring of 2007, I stopped by the Y(MCA, Ft. Washington), a short three miles from home, and inquired about a membership and classes. Surprise, surprise, they even had Yoga on the class schedule!

    I can’t exactly remember my first class with Cathy, but I do remember walking away thinking ‘this girl isn’t bad, she has potential’! Of course, I compared Cathy to some of DC’s best Yoga teachers we had access to through an in-house gym. ‘But would she stand the test of time’, I asked myself, and today I can tell you that she has and still is! Cathy truly has a gift of teaching and the passion for Yoga she talks about is her strength!

    The Yoga teachers I was accustomed to were hands-on with detailed and precise instructions, and with very little time on the mat. Voila, ‘this girl’ was doing exactly that! My very own definition of a good Yoga teacher: by following the teacher’s detailed and precise instructions, a blind person should be able to do the postures. I feel that Cathy is able to do just that!

    Best of luck, Girl!

    • Thank you, Wally! Your support has help keep my passion alive! You keep me on my toes!

  3. I was surprised by the first class I attended with Cathy. She was so good! I wasn’t expecting that quality at the Y. I especially the wisdom in the relaxations. Sometimes I just need to hear those words that seem to flow so easily from Cathy.

    Thanks for being so dedicated! Thanks for a great yoga session every week. Thanks for your patience and expertise.

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