Thank you Universe and thank you Wally (aka Val)!

A passing thought to teach at National Harbor becomes a reality, how awesome is that! I can’t deny, I was thrilled to have been given this opportunity to teach the Free Waterfront Yoga on Saturdays, 9 a.m., between May 11 and October 26, at National Harbor, MD. I am grateful to everybody who played a hand in making it possible!

So who set the wheels in motion? None other than Wally, my incredible friend, who, with absolute selflessness, sent my resume, along with a heartfelt email, asking the Peterson Company to just “give her a try”. Wow!

Thinking about what transpired made me realize:

1. how the power of thought and the vision can become reality, where the invisible becomes visible with absolute ease,
2. how this opportunity is a stepping stone with endless possibilities for me to continue to fulfill my intention to share my love for yoga with as many people as possible, and
3. how Val, a dedicated student, shares that same intention

We both know the benefit of the practice; we both know the rewards of keeping our intentions clear, and we both are making the baseline motivation for what we do to be of service to others.

Here a link to National Harbor’s event calendar. Free Waterfront Yoga is offered three times a week, if you’re currently not committed to your practice, take this opportunity to get back on track. Also, keep checking this website periodically as I will be adding events including free Yoga at the Park (Ft Washington Park, Ft Washington, MD).

I hope to see many familiar faces among the crowd and hope to inspire others with my teachings! You all make it so worthwhile!


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