This is a picture of me and Val(aka Wally). I refuse to believe that her move to Floridia is the end of our friendship and our yoga journey together. She has been my biggest supporter over the years and an incredible friend. There is a soft spot in my heart for her and if asked to explain why she’s so special to me, I realize there are no words to describe it. It is a knowing, a feeling. In matters of the heart, words can’t provide an explanation. Our friendship never needed huge amounts of time together or a whole bunch of give and take. The energy she gives off when she’s around is clean, clear and pure. Nothing hidden or secretive and that’s the energy I want to be in the presence off.

So, it’s not goodbye, it’s “See you later”. After all, she is the “Common Sense Guru” and someone has to keep my head out of the yoga clouds!

This post is dedicated to Val so those of you who know her, let me hear from ya!


  1. VAL!!
    Thank you so much for all of the work, encouragement, and dedication you’ve shared with all of us through Cathy and your love for yoga. Speaking with Cathy for many years, she always had big dreams and ideas to share her talent, but not until we started receiving your emails did it all seem to bloom and flower. You have truly been instrumental in developing our practice through all of your kind words and and guidance. Thank you for all of the love you have shown us, thank you for being that northern star that led all of us to the yoga we all love so dearly, and most of all thank you for being such a great friend. Best wishes on your new journey!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kevin C

  2. Isn’t it amazing that the most special people appear magically before us? The first time I met you I felt we were “long time friends”, your kind and nurturing ways are such a gift. If I were to sum up how I feel about you leaving it would be Aloha, a word that holds many meanings including; essence or breath of life and the feelings of affection, peace, and mercy. Aloha is used as a greeting and a farewell. I agree with Cathy, it isn’t goodbye, it is see you later.

  3. We will miss you Val! You have been a great friend to everyone by always thinking to include us in your communications and plans. I really admire your skill at making everyone feel like part of the group-it had meant a lot to me because my schedule is such that regular participation had become hard.

    I know that you will create the same warm community of friends in Florida (probably have already done so). Please stay in touch-although you will be in a different state, you will not be far from our hearts!


  4. val aka wally, i will miss you dearly! i love your “tell it like it is” spirit. you are a very authentic person. thank you for spearheading and coordinating all the activities and always having a funny story to share. i will miss hearing the German accent coming out and making fun of Cathy during practice with you. you’d be surprised at how many stories i’ve started with “my German yoga buddy val”….lol

    but no really, your warm, genuine, and generous spirit, awesome triangle (among other poses :)), recommendations, and chats will be truly missed. till we meet again dear wally…the FL yogis are lucky to have you!

    cathy is probably going through withdrawal…hahahahhaahaaaaa :-p

  5. Val, you truly will be missed! Your warm welcome on mine and my husband’s first yoga class had a real impact. We felt awkward but you continued to encourage us along. Your enthusiasm and love for yoga was contagious and I’m gratefully hooked! Thanks for all your time and effort to keep us fellow yogis informed and organized. You’ve made us all feel to be a part of a “yoga” family in which you were and always will one of our most special member! Although I’m selfishly sad, I rejoice with you and your husband in this new season of your life. May it be a wonderful adventure but keep us in your heart as you will always be in ours! Carleen

  6. Well, all is can say is, Val, you are really something! Actually, you are the epitome of German efficiency and attention to detail and I can easily see how you are Cathy’s “right hand man!” I know how much she must appreciate all you do for her regarding the production of the yoga seminars, and I certainly appreciate how much work you have put into it by seeing how clearly every detail is remembered and spelled out. I also love how you inject a little humor into your reminders to us of this and that–just enough so it’s not nagging but we get the message. Thank you, Val, and I look forward to seeing you and all the other yogis soon!

  7. Val, you will truly be missed. Although I haven’t know you for very long. I appreciate your warm and welcoming spirit. You have such a gift of hospitality. As someone has already said, “The FL yogis are blessed to have you!” Enjoy this next chapter of your life. Robin

  8. Our loss is Florida’s gain! Your enthusiasm for yoga was definitely contagious and I will miss your presence in our classes and your guiding spirit that help bring out the yogi in us all. Your organizational skills are truly a gift that will also be missed. I hope this next chapter in your life brings you closer to the peace we all seek.

  9. Hi. Yes. I couldn’t agree more with what everyone has said about Val–or, Wally, as I know her! And, can you believe it, after tears [oops, a “Freudian” typo?!], years, that is, of trying to get me to do yoga, here I sign up for an entire day of yoga and she “skips the country,” so to speak?! Yes, that’s Val, Wally, Waltraud alright. …and I find myself writing to people I have never met who are all lovely and gentle souls, I am sure, but they are used to doing all sorts of contortions and what not; things that my body is not at all used to doing. These thoughts alone make my body ache already. You see, far from being a yogi, I have to say that I don’t do yoga. In fact, I haven’t done much exercise in the past six or so years apart from sitting on a bike “to nowhere” (it’s stationary) 3 or so times a week, while, occasionally, at the same time talking with Wally on the phone for 45 mins or more. So why on earth did I decide to join the Yoga Retreat? Well, naturally, that is because of Wally, no other reason. It seemed like I was ready to do start yoga and begin getting into shape; after all, Wally almost convinced me earlier this year to join the Retreat. Then, all of a sudden, Florida was going to become Wally’s permanent home, but, in her characteristically assured manner she tells me, sure she will be at the Retreat, well, duh, so I go ahead and commit. She’ll be commuting from Florida, after all, okay, in that case, well let me try this…and perhaps Wally will keep coming back… to you, at least for Retreats, and perhaps that way I get to see her too – at the Retreats (assuming I survive this coming Monday). I miss Wally already.

    • …and I look forward to meeting y’all! I am looking forward to Val-Wally’s and Cathy’s guidance, and, I hope, patience with me. 😊

      • …darn, so many typos: I meant to say “everyone’s” Patience.

  10. Val,
    Thank you for all your emails to keep us in touch with what was going on at the Y and with Cathy’s class. It truly made us a group, a community of yogis.
    I’ll always remember your spot up front, your good humor, and your dedication to our class.

  11. WOW – I sure wish I, too, could get to know this person you’re talking about! Certainly that glass slipper won’t fit my big foot – and/or head!

    I’m really touched and want to thank all of you for those kind and generous words. I hope I can continue to work behind the scene so all of us can grow together in our journey toward becoming better Yogis!

    Cathy, you truly have a special gift for teaching and sharing your broad knowledge of Yoga, thank you for having made a difference in my life!. It has been my pleasure and honor to support you, let’s continue… And, not to worry, I will keep your head out of the yoga clouds!

    Everybody, thanks again, miss you all, keep in touch and be well!

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