Jenna Bonfield


How long have you practiced Yoga? How often per week?  I have practiced for about one year casually. In the last few months I have sparked my practice to a daily routine.


What made you decide to practice Yoga?  I love yoga for the stillness it brings to my mind and body. It slows down life and brings me to the present. I am athletic and depend on the physical practice to strengthen and prevent injury. The mental focus helps in every aspect of life and those I love around me. 


What do you like about practicing Yoga at National Harbor?  I love being outdoors under the beautiful sky. There’s is nothing like feeling a breeze or the touch of the sun on your skin when practicing. 


What is your favorite Yoga pose and why is it your favorite?  Tree, vrksasana, is my latest favorite because it took time to develop.  I love how it strengthens the legs and opens the hips.  Grounding stability feels great to accomplish.
Describe how yoga has enhanced or changed your life:  Yoga brought light back to my life. I regained control of my mind and body. How often are we attune with our breath; which is connected to our mind and entire being? Checking in on yourself let’s you place your energy and focus in a positive way. Ground, grow, light, and love.




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  1. Beautiful pics and story. I’m so glad we met through yoga.

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