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Inspired Yogi Series 2019

My Inspired Yogi Series is back! It’s my opportunity to connect with my students and learn more about their Yoga experience. Photos: Gregory Scott Video: ME Meet my first Inspired Yogi – Carl Smith. His practice is beautiful! So much potential – hoping to convince him to become a teacher one day!


Another inspired Yogi shares her story… Katie Roy How long have you practiced yoga? How often per week? I have had a physical yoga practice for ten years. I practice mindfulness daily, and try to remember my breath! I usually get to the mat once every week or two. What made you decide to practice yoga? I was in high school and knew that … Read More INSPIRED YOGIS…WHAT’S YOUR STORY?


For many of us, Yoga turns into a life-changing event. If and when it does, we remember the time and place where it transpired, just like we remember any other big world news event. Why – because it really does change us! There is the physical aspect, becoming stronger, gaining balance and experiencing flexibility, but there is also that more subtle, more internal change … Read More INSPIRED YOGIS…WHAT’S YOUR STORY?