This was the year of the MINI – short but very sweet MINI Retreats! I opted for a shortened version of my usual daylong retreats offering Yoga, food, and fun!

A Yoga Picnic & BBQ

The retreat was held at Herrington On the Bay, a beautiful location with a private beach, breathtaking water views and landscaped lawns. Under palm trees overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, we explored sessions focused on cultivating an awareness of the sun (Surya) energy in the body. In the first session, held on the covered pavilion overlooking the water, we created sun energy through a series of flowing postures that energized and enlivened the body and mind. On the Bridal Lawn at water’s edge, we then calmed this energy with cooling restorative postures.

Following the yoga sessions, we enjoyed a freshly prepared BBQ dinner. In honor of summer, all the participants wore their nicest, brightest neon colors!

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Embracing the Winds of Change

As summer turns to fall and eventually into winter, change is in the air! The change of seasons can be an exciting time but also can leave body and mind feeling overwhelmed. This retreat, held at Silver Swan Bayside, was an exploration of the Vata dosha; the energy that dominates the fall season. We learned to recognize the Vata energy in ourselves and balanced it through asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breath), and meditation. With the weather chilly and windy outside, we enjoyed practicing yoga indoors in front of the fireplace, bringing a sense of warmth and comfort. By day’s end, we all felt calm and relaxed.

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