Historic Kent Manor Inn, Stevensville on Kent Island, MD

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The theme for this, our third retreat was the Earth Element, solid and strong and quite appropriate for the fall season. The focus throughout the day was on connecting and grounding to the earth through our feet and legs vitalizing the body through the first chakra, Muladhara – The Root Chakra. These Retreats also offer opportunities to introduce and expose participants to a deeper world of Yoga. Alternating sessions between an indoor and outdoor (though, weather can be a challenge) practice creates enthusiasm and a renewed awareness of our surroundings.

Outside amongst nature, we connected to our natural body by moving through an ‘earth vinyasa’ synchronizing a series of flowing standing poses to our breath. Inside, we focused on our body in balance through a standing practice incorporating different variations of the ‘tree posture’ emphasizing foot placement and eye gaze. We explored several breathing techniques and meditations to further create steadiness, stability, and harmony within our bodies. The connection was reinforced by a drum circle. Each participant had access to a drum or an instrument connecting to the beat of the ‘Grandmother’ drum that provided the underlying stable and soothing ‘heart beat’ within all of us and that of the planet. A lot of laughter and playfulness within the room created a warm genuine connection throughout.

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  1. About a week after the Retreat, Pam sent this feedback about Cathy. I asked Pam’s permission to post her comments after we had the pictures and videos on the website. So elegantly put and so true, thank you, Pam!

    Cathy, your yoga retreat was a wonderful treat, you are one of the most articulate yoga instructors I have met in my years of doing yoga. Your ability to guide a large group of yogis with different skill levels, while maintaining focus on each individual, is remarkable. I have met few with your verbal acuity; sharp, perceptive, and flawless. I enjoyed myself extremely, you have my highest respect from one yogi to another.

    Pam Turner-Dunmore also known as Jakuta’.

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