CVY at Natiotnal Harbor

Join Cathy Valentine Yoga at National Harbor for a special FREE outdoor Cherry Blossom Yoga class series. This series is part of the National Cherry Blossom Festival celebrating the beauty of nature, the possibility of renewal and the gift of hope.

All levels are welcome. All attendees should bring their own mat. Come dressed for the weather!

LOCATION AND TIME: Classes will be held under the Capital Canopy located to the left of the big screen (National Plaza & American Way). All classes in the series start at 11:00am



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Spring Blooms Yoga Flow – Honoring Sakura

Sunday March 21
Be inspired by spring and flow into the present moment honoring the beauty of nature represented by Sakura – the cherry blossom flower.  This all levels flow is designed to water and nurture what’s blooming inside of you!    Springtime is an opportunity to appreciate the ever unfolding present moment called LIFE.  The flow will explore variations of Virksasana or Tree pose as a way to plant your body in the present moment, get grounded as you honor the unfolding of your imagination and creativity inspired by the arrival of spring!  You’ll leave your mat feeling renewed and refreshed.


Yoga Detox – Renew and Spring Forward

Saturday March 27

Leap into spring with a practice to shed any residual heaviness or lethargy from the winter months.  This flow will move you through major muscle groups with options for deep stretching to release stuck energy, spinal twisting to create detoxifying heat, and heart openers that bring in renewed optimism and joy!


Spring Cleaning – A Gift of Love to Yourself

Sunday, March 28.

This is a full mind-body detox flow using twists and kryias to ignite the “fire of purification” (tapas) and flush out the digestive tract and endocrine system. This all levels flow will help to clear out clutter in the mind, unprocessed emotions in the heart and stagnation and heaviness in the body. Leave this practice feeling refreshed, light, clear and joyful!


Spring Elements Flow – Opening to Air and Space

Saturday, April 3

This revitalizing and energizing flow celebrates the characteristics of the air and space elements that are abundant in nature during the spring season. You’ll explore how these characteristics show up inside our bodies and minds using movement, mudra (hand gestures) and breath. This breath to movement flow uses repetition of a variety of standing poses, warrior variations and standing splits to create grounded energy in the body which allows the mind to be spacious, clear and creative.


Create Sacred Space – Open the Hips

Sunday, April 4 *CLASS CANCELED *

This all levels session invites you to be intentional about the space around you as a practice to create sacred space within you. The focus in this flow will be on opening the side body and hips, allowing space into the area that holds the energy of the second chakra. The second chakra is connected to your emotions and creative ability, and governs the physical experience of your unique identity.


Springtime Flow – Everything is Beautiful

Saturday, April 10

Springtime offers an abundance of beauty to behold in the natural world reminding us to also look inward for true beauty. This hip opening flow offers you an opportunity to find the beauty and magic in the mundane and notice the extraordinary expression of all things. This is an opportunity to expand the concept of your own physical form and understand the beauty of your body in new ways.


State of Zen Flow

Sunday, April 11

Zen is a practice which emphasizes the value of stillness of mind through meditation.  This meditative flow asks you to hold the intention of simplicity and harmony as you gently warm your body.   By beginning in corpse pose, we set relaxation as the tone for the practice and enjoy several other moments of stillness to encourage calmness and serenity throughout the flow. 


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