CVY Sacred Space Retreat Channeling the Divine into your Life’s Purpose

Sunday September 26th


Cathv Valentine Yoga presents a one day Yoga retreat celebrating the divine connection in YOU!  The DESTINATION location –  SouthWind property located on Cobb Island in Southern Charles County, MD.  This eclectic, scenic spot for the retreat takes place on the shores of the Wicomico River.  Enjoy practicing on the spacious lawn at waters edge – a perfect spot to explore becoming more and never less of your TRUE self.  

SouthWind Property, Cobb Island MD

In this retreat, Cathy introduces you to her upcoming Spiritual Technology Training based on ancient Yoga philosophy and the Universal Truth Principles.   She breaks down the 5 Stages of Becoming – a transformational technology to infuse the divne into your life’s purpose.  During this retreat, you’ll explore practices that reveal your ability to be a channel for this divine energy to flow through you.  As you become more aware of yourself as a mystic and a creator; this divine energy will express through you via your own unique gifts and talents.

The first half of this one day mini retreat is broken into 2 Yoga sessions exploring the the 5 Stages of Becoming:

The Creator – releasing the victim consciousness
The Channel – establishing a creative life-groove
The Giver – sharing your unique gifts and talents 

The Mystic – living and creating from inner wisdom and divine intelligence
The Surrender – living from divine trust 

The second half of this mini retreat is lead by Damariz Winborne. She offers a guided workshop that honors the beauty in our brokenness. You know that feeling of despair experienced when a favorite dish or other ceramic vessel cracks or breaks? Slow down, unplug from the digital world, and focus on a singularly absorbing mindful craft activity designed to help you rewrite the script associated with life experiences that leave you feeling dispirited. Learn how to create beautiful art forms using already fired ceramic vessels which are no longer perfect in form. Discover how to turn brokenness into beautiful art and, in the process, learn about your own splendor. At the end of the experience, take home a stunning art form, one that will forever remind you of the beauty of your brokenness. Expect to leave this retreat feeling on point and on PURPOSE!   

Date:  Sunday September 26, 2021
Time:  12:30pm – 5:00pm
Location: SouthWind Property 18932 Wicomico River Dr., Cobb Island, MD 20625
Cost:  $110
Space limited to 20 participants

All levels welcome at this retreat.  This event is held outside. Light snacks will be provided.   Rain date October 3rd.  No refunds, transfers or exchanges. Please bring your own mat and sunscreen. 

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