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August 11, 2013

The inspired yogis who have shared their stories thus far all expressed a common sentiment – practicing yoga outside was enjoyable because it brought them in contact with nature. The nice breeze, the beautiful water … a stillness and inner peace is evident when we observe the beauty of nature.

The mind can only be in the present moment when we observe something beautiful. The amazement of nature reminds us of the amazement of the inner workings of our own body. We are reminded that we didn’t create our body, our breath, reminded that the same thing that created nature also created us! The practice of yoga is a practice of that remembrance. In bringing awareness to our breath as we move into our practice, we are brought into the body and all its sensations where we’re fully alive and in the present moment!

Here another inspired Yogi shares his story!

Evan Fareed

How long have you practiced yoga? How often per week?
I started practicing yoga in 2005. Back then, I practiced twice per week. I recently returned to consistently practicing yoga after not practicing for the last three years. Now, I practice 3 times a week.

What made you decide to practice yoga?
I began practicing yoga to reduce stress, to build flexible, internal strength and energy, and to reduce the chance of injury, since I was very active in multiple sports.


What do you like most about practicing yoga at National Harbor?

I enjoy practicing outside on the pier. The view and the breeze really enhance and inspire the workout.

20130811-174826.jpgWhat is your favorite yoga pose and why is it your favorite? My favorite pose is the triangle pose. The triangle pose is very therapeutic for me.

20130811-175018.jpgDescribe how yoga has enhanced or changed your life? Whenever I travel on work assignment, I always enjoy going to the beach to view the ocean and reflect on life. On one occasion while in San Diego, CA, a guy came by, and we starting sharing stories about life. He told me he had recently recovered from a life of drug addiction. He shared how he enjoyed swimming in the ocean, and almost drowned after being caught in a vicious rip tide. The tide tossed, and turned him, and pulled him under many times, and the only thing he could do was to “get that next breath” before being pulled under again. He fought, and struggled to “get that next breath”. He told me that during some periods of life, it might only be about “getting that next breath”. That next breath allows you to keeping going, to keep moving, to figure something out. When I find myself being tossed, and turned in life, I find yoga allows me to “get that next breath”.

Yoga is also analogous with the concept of truing (straightening) a wheel on a bicycle. After putting many miles on a bicycle, the rim may become wobbly and unbalanced due to wear and tear. Life also puts wear and tear on us and places us out of balance, or not true. Yoga returns me to true.

Photos by Greg-The Forever Yogi

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August 3, 2013

Another inspired Yogi tells her story…

Angela Martin

How long have you practiced yoga? How often per week?
I started practicing regularly in April 2013– so about 4 months on average 3 times/week.

What made you decide to practice yoga?
I was looking for a regular form of exercise that I would enjoy– I found that in yoga. When I moved from Florida to Washington about 4 years ago, I left behind the beach which was the only place I could truly relax and enjoy my own company. Since starting yoga my mat has become the place I go to when I need to retreat and reflect. An added benefit is that yoga allows me to strengthen and align my physical and spiritual body at the same time!

What do you like most about practicing yoga at National Harbor?
Practicing on the waterfront allows you to be closer to nature, to feel the gentle breeze on your skin as you focus on your breath and practice. It’s a nice break from the confines of the gym or indoor studio.


What is your favorite yoga pose and why is it your favorite?
I love tree pose (Vrksasana) because its so basic yet the variations you can do with your arms and legs are limitless and impose a challenge if you try something new every time! I also love forearm stands because I can manage to get upside down and hold myself there for several breaths. Inversions are fun and challenging and have so many benefits to our health. Again, I find these challenging and i’m having fun working on improving mine over time. I really enjoyed the dolphin with one raised leg hop exercise you guided this morning, now I understand how to work on getting my head fully off the ground (thanks!).

Describe how yoga has enhanced or changed your life?
Yoga has taught me to live in the moment and not worry so much about what other people are doing or what I cannot do. I’ve made a promise to myself that the moment I step on to my mat I will let go of judgement toward myself and others. Instead of feeling weak, I honor the strength I do have. Instead of worrying about all the things I have to do after practice, I focus on the present moment. One of the favorite mantras I’ve heard during practice was “You’re here. So be all here, and give every movement and moment all you’ve got.”– I try to live by that on and off the mat.

Photos By Greg-The Forever Yogi

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