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September 27, 2012

This is a picture of me and Val(aka Wally). I refuse to believe that her move to Floridia is the end of our friendship and our yoga journey together. She has been my biggest supporter over the years and an incredible friend. There is a soft spot in my heart for her and if asked to explain why she’s so special to me, I realize there are no words to describe it. It is a knowing, a feeling. In matters of the heart, words can’t provide an explanation. Our friendship never needed huge amounts of time together or a whole bunch of give and take. The energy she gives off when she’s around is clean, clear and pure. Nothing hidden or secretive and that’s the energy I want to be in the presence off.

So, it’s not goodbye, it’s “See you later”. After all, she is the “Common Sense Guru” and someone has to keep my head out of the yoga clouds!

This post is dedicated to Val so those of you who know her, let me hear from ya!


Simple Pleasures
September 4, 2012

Some of the simplest things bring about the most pleasure! Here I thought I was the only one enjoying the weekly Yoga (summer) sessions under the open sky in the Park, but I was proven wrong. My announcing the continuation of the weekly Yoga in the Park sessions through September was received with cheers, joy, and enthusiasm – simple pleasures!

Could this pleasure of this Yoga practice amongst nature arouse awareness that the same “thing” which created trees, water, birds, grass, (yes, and sometimes bugs!), etc., is what created us! We didn’t create nature and no matter how callous one becomes in this life, when you see a beautiful sunset or notice a pretty flower, you are immediately present…in the NOW. The yoga practice is geared to take and keep us in the present moment, in the NOW. Think about the times you noticed something beautiful in nature….you feel an immediate stillness and presence. Your mind has to be still to notice beauty…if it is in the past or the future, you either have or are going to miss it!

Hope you decide not to miss another opportunity to join us at the (Ft Washington) Park. Enjoy these pictures of our most recent outing…

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